Seven Best Ways to Ruin a Buyer’s Visit

The time has come. You have chosen to sell your home, acquired a real estate agent or have chosen to handle it all yourself and are now looking for prospective buyers. When getting ready to sell your home, people will oftentimes have somebody come in to stage it. A lot of people might think staging it is a waste of time, but there’s nothing worse than when people come to look at your house and then you never hear from them again. You might be sitting there asking yourself what happened. Here are seven of the most common ways buyers are put off:

1. A house that smells of tobacco or smoke does not give off a welcoming vibe to prospective buyers. Likewise, stale cooking smells should be avoided as well. While you may be used to these smells, it can be quite off putting to other folks.

2. Family pets need to be moved outside amid a visit. While you love your pets, others may not. You never know if people are allergic to certain animals or if there’s a pungent smell wafting through your house that you don’t notice.

3. Faintly lit rooms. People love a well lit room, especially if natural light is a big contributor. Before putting your house up for sale, consider doing some small upgrades like replacing the windows with a company like Panama City roofing before showing it. Small upgrades like this can really add a lot of curb appeal to your home.

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4. Filthy bathrooms and kitchens are a major turn off. Make sure that these rooms are spotless and all everything is neat and tidy. For the kitchen, make sure all pots and pans are put away and the garbage isn’t overflowing. This applies to all of the rooms as well.

5. Poor adornments and worn rugs will give off the impression of general dinginess. It’s practically as awful is noisy wallpaper which can be overwhelming to look at. While buyers can envision how a crisply adorned room would look, it is far superior for them to see it when they visit.

6. Far more detestable than poor enhancements is a dingy cellar. Aside from the unsightliness of it, you have to look out for mold and dampness. Basements can oftentimes be the downfall of a potential sale.

7. Unless you are bringing the prospective buyers around the house yourself, leave it to your agent and make sure that you’re out of the house while this happens.

Maintain a strategic distance from these basic slip-ups and should have no problem selling your home

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