How to Avoid Getting Burned by Rogue Estate Agents

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As with professionals working in any industry, many of those who make a living in real estate are hard-working individuals with integrity, but there are always a few guys who give their colleagues a bad name by association. You have to select a qualified real estate agent carefully whether you are selling a property or buying one. Here is some advice on how to avoid getting burned by roque estate agents.

Rogue Estate Agents

Do a Background Check

Do no choose the first agent you talk to, no matter who referred that person to you. Narrow your list down to a few worthy candidates and take whatever time it takes to do background checks. Find out about each agent’s reputation in the real estate industry. To stay in the business for many years requires passion and dedication. The best agents will be able to produce multiple referrals from many different clients. You want someone who has plenty of business but not so much that the agent has no time available for your needs.

Ask About Past Performance

You can get a good idea of how effective the agent is by asking for an estimate of the average time a home stays on the market before it sells. You cannot use this number to gauge how long it will take to sell your property, but it will give you some idea of how effective the agent is for making sales. You should also ask about the average difference in asking and selling price. If sellers consistently get more money than they asked for, the agent is a skilled negotiator.

Ask About the Agent’s Marketing Strategy for Your Property

Thousands of sellers list their properties online. If the agent does not know how to attract buyers, the buyers may not see your listing. The agent should have a clear marketing strategy to attract buyers to your property. An experienced agent will be able to outline a plan and show positive results attained by implementing similar plans to sell other properties.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

You may find that several agents are equal in their abilities and results. This is when you have to start looking at the intangibles. Pay attention to things such as, which agent keeps an open line of communication or which agent has the most patience when answering your questions.

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