Home Development: a Way to Get a Better Future

Home improvement refers to the process of renovating or adding something to one’s house. It is basically a project that upgrades the interior or the exterior of the house. It also can refer to the modification of one’s property. Thus it can be called ‘home renovation’ or ‘remodelling’ as well.

Lets give an interesting information about home development. The concept of home development was first popularized on TV with a television premier named ‘The Old House’ starring Bob Vila on PBS in 1979. An American TV channel named HGTV broadcasts many DIY shows. After all these, the concept of home development came to everyone’s sight and thus many companies came forward with this business.

Though this concept refers to the modification of an already existing home, but sometimes it may mean upgrading outdoor structures as well. Home improvement basically has a number of goals. Some of them are :

1.            Comfort: In this section, a company may upgrade the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) of the house. The company may even improve the luxury of the interior. They can work to make the rooms soundproof or work to improve the waterproof basement and so on.

2.            Maintenance: The companies are there to work on the maintenance of your home. They also work to repair the damaged portions of the house. For example: they can replace your windows or doors or even tear off the roof and replace them as well. They can repaint your walls or roofs or other things. A very important thing is that they check the electric and gas lines of your house and repair them. Also they work on the water and sanitation line.

3.            Energy saving: The owners  of the houses  may reduce their utility cost. In order to do so, they can use energy efficient thermal insulation, can replace windows or can change the lighting system. They can use renewable energies to complete their works of daily life. They can use biomass, solar panels, wind turbines etc. to reduce the energy consumption.

4.            Extension to the house: A person can add additional space to his/her house. In order to do so, the owner can turn the marginal areas into liveable places. For example, the owner may turn the basements into rec room, home theatre etc. The owner can also add rooms or may establish extra levels to the original roof.

5.            Safety: This is the most important thing. There is a popular saying- ‘Safety first.’ An owner has to ensure the safety of his house at first. He has to set up fire alarms and water sprinklers in case there is a fire. A storm cellar must be set up for the tornadoes and hurricanes. There has to be emergency exits for sure. There should also be an extra generator in case the electricity goes out.

There are many more goals. After realising all these it is obviously clear to us that home development is very important indeed.

In the United States, this industry is almost worth $300 billion and in Canada it is worth almost $48 billion. In average, per project costs almost $3000 in the US and $11000-15000 in Canada. It makes the fact clear that, home development is quite expensive. This reminds of a statistics. It says that in Australia, 9 out of 10 people retire on an below average wage. It is because they don’t think about their future. But this is not expected, anything can happen anytime to our homes in future. And at that time if we don’t have money to renovate the house, then probably a disaster will come to use. Thus it is high time we take the initiatives for home development so that we can have a decent wage when we get old and lead a happy and healthy life. There are many companies which will help people to do this. These companies also work with the concept of investment property. Now if you want to know more about what does investment property mean, you can click here for more information about it.

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